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Partnership: My Media Designer

I love helping friends succeed. Using and adding onto over decade’s worth of the experiences we’ve had with business and marketing, allows us to most effectively help locally owned businesses thrive on and offline. We take pride in staying close to the bleeding edge of technologies and working with solutions that achieve goals and deliver the desired results from those I work with. But no matter how awesome that sounds, I couldn’t do things all myself. I recognized that I needed a partner.

In 2014 we partnered with My Media Designer (MMD) which has improved overall efficiency in bringing marketing plans to life, creating healthy and safe websites, producing top-notch videos, and connecting with locally owned businesses to improve their overall digital presence.

MMD is also a single-person operation, established in 2006, and the work we accomplish together is some of the best work we’ve ever been a part of. With MMD we have fine-tuned our skills and methods to produce top-quality final products and services for everything from video production and graphic design to content deployment and how-to tutorials.

The commonly known phrase ’two-heads-are-better-than-one’ is indeed true for our partnership. We complement each other’s abilities nicely and even help each other sharpen our skills. It helps that we’re both from San Jose, and are roughly the same age with similar values, but also we both spent over 10-years working in the restaurant industry.

Written by Carl Foisy

Collaboration Projects

June 2022J’s Realty: What do we do for them: Website Development, Logo Refresh and 3rd Party Support.

September 2022AW Hydronics: What we do for them: Website Development, Logo Refresh and Graphic Design.
August 2021Axis Construction Inc.: What we do for them:
Website Development, Webmaster Services, Digital Liaison & Coaching, Photography, Videography and ADA Website Functionality.

Jan 2021West Coast Architectural Sheet Metal (WCSAM): What we do for them: Web Design, Content Marketing, ADA Website Usability, Photography and Webmaster.

February 2020CAP Real Estate Services: What we do for them: Web Design & Management, Logo Creation, Social Media & Directories, Email Marketing and Graphic Design.
Oct 2019Hock Bratcher: What we do for them: Logo Redesign, Website Development, ADA Website Usability and Videography.

July 2019US Tech West: What we do for them: Website Design, Webmaster, Graphic Design and SEO.

May 2019TARC Construction, Inc.: What we do for them: Website Development, Graphic Design, Newsletters, Logo Refresh, Social Media Coaching, Videography & Drone, Content Marketing, ADA Website Usability, Digital Literacy, Photography, Webmaster and more.

January 2019Silicon Valley Mechanical (SVM): What we do for them: Website Design, Videography & Drone, Photography, Webmaster and Maintenance.
August 2018McTighe Landscape: What we do for them: Website Design, Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Videography, Social Media Management, Newsletter & List Curation, ADA Website Usability, Media Liaison and Digital Literacy.
Feb 2018Rookies Sports Lodge: What we do for them: Website Design, Graphic Design, Social Media, Photography, Videography, Email Marketing, Media Liaison, Webmaster and Grand Opening Party.
Nov 2017: UFCW5: What we do for them: Website Development, Webmaster Support, Graphic Design, Video Production, ADA Website Usability and Digital Literacy.