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Success Story: My Media Designer

Written by Carl Foisy

In 2014 when we first connected with My Media Designer we first worked on a 200% increase in services and overall initial content development and big push for their website, and standardized agreements (websites and services). We then cleaned up legacy non-paying ‘customers’, and worked to get all invoices paid. In order to maintain good working order for customer requests, we instituted a reliable production work order ‘hopper’ to keep track of all jobs, allowing of priority, timing, regular reminders and completed list, creating a standard control and order. Developed new content for services to from 4 to many more, with several corresponding portfolio and industry specific pages on their website with resulted in major infrastructure refinements. We then directed and executed all direct marketing efforts via postcard, email, social, and canvasing. Managed and created majority of articles for content marketing strategy, penning several in clients name, and fully editing all client originals. In early 2018 we developed and implemented a new sound contract/terms for services, moving to sustainable and reliable prepaid blocks of time, later to be digitized for quickness and better legal confirmation. After standardized rates, and created starter packages to be fair and just, no matter who or what, we created a rate card to use on sales calls. During our time helping MMD, we calculated the majority of accounting and hours reconciliation for all clients, and scheduled mid-month accounting reminders. In order to streamline customer inquiries, we then introduced online project submission portal for direct leads with instant needs. Directed majority of client projects, and constantly gave guidance for self-staring and handling monthly and quarterly tasks with calendaring and reminders. Along side with MMD leadership, we maintained and managed businesses with ongoing services during pandemic, and managed discounted clients in a way that brought them back to standard rates with a 6-month plan after 2-years of pandemic discounts, helping the retention of all clients. All in all, the business improvement plans for was a success and has brought valuable and lasting awareness to their company.

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