Respect & Love Your Audiences

First of all, each outlet a business uses to speak with fans, followers or prospectives should be used to provide unique quality content, and to offer value to those who participate, watch or see. When this happens, a business is showing a huge amount of respect and love for their different audiences. When a business figures this out, the audience begins to feel like they are cared about, and not just being force-fed messaging.

The bottom line is: in order to achieve this goal you can’t be lazy and you can’t take the easy short-cuts. Essentially, you need to understand that you will receive the same love that you put into it. If you’re lazy, that’s what you’ll get in return. And when you provide a valuable experience, you will indeed reap the benefits.

Here’s what I see businesses do on a regular basis that I believe should stop happening. Loads of cross-platform sharing. Gross. Duplicate storyline posts from outlet to outlet. Boring. Oversharing of the same info. Dumb. Disingenuous hype and glazed-over facades. Oh Gawd. Most of all, I see hella laziness and pure disrespect for fans, followers and prospectives across varied outlets. Stop it.

I don’t want you to think that I’m saying consistency is bad. That’s not the point of this article. Consistency is good. Making sure a business’s message is consistent is ideal. It’s all about how to stay consistent while focusing on respecting and loving the different audiences, giving them each solid value via each different outlet. It’s something most noticed when the audience starts scrolling through all your duplicate, overly pushed messages. Engagement factors decline. But when a business practices respect and love, the sky is the limit, because the fans, followers, and prospectives will feel the love and respect. Once businesses recognize that they must respect and love their audiences, they will see the love and respect right back. And when a business realizes they’ve been vainly force-feeding the same message to different audiences on multiple outlets, they will understand the value of rich, unique messages suited to each outlet. Again, you get what you give.

So if you use different outlets to speak on behalf of a business, and you are doing things that earlier in this article I suggested ‘should stop,’ put yourself in the shoes of your prospective fans and followers and recognize that you’re delivering a poor quality experience, regurgitating the same old news across all outlets, and offering little to no value on any of them.

Here’s the thing, I wrote this article because I care. And if your business needs help with this, I can help you see better days. Let’s get to work: 408.250.8066

Written by Carl Foisy

Respect your audience
San Jose Carl