WCAG and ADA compliance solution for websites

Web User Equality & Accessibility

We offer a subscription website solution that supports web users with disabilities by modifying functionality to better their website experience.

Annual Subscription: 750

The round icon in the lower left corner on this website is a living example. Click the icon and explore.

Vision:  to make sure the websites we build are accessible and inclusive.

As of 2022, statistics suggest over 20% of American’s have a disability of some type. Our solution can alter and translate elements like text and imagery, giving users the access to use websites more comfortably.

Small businesses with under 30 employees can also use the tax form 8826 to get a tax credit on the annual subscription fee.

Equality is important on multiple levels. And while most of our marketing work is fun and exciting, we still indeed take things serious like user accessibility, web equality and compliance.