Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Written by Carl Foisy

Ah yes, the good’ol 6-P reminder that helps us business folks succeed, especially with marketing. This article is more of a preparation and planning refresher with links to some older articles we’ve written. Think of it as your guide to preventing poor performance with prior proper planning.

We Plan Our Work & Work Our Plan
There is a big difference in results between those who ’shoot from the hip’ vs those who ‘aim carefully at targets’. Shooting from the hip tends to require more ammo to hit any given target, while planning ahead and…Read More

Seasonality & Planning Ahead
With every seasonal marketing push, we start planning roughly two-months ahead of schedule, giving us enough time to prepare any graphics, videos and the website. Keeping distribution lists current, we activate our…Read More

Content Strategies are Important
We all know that quality content doesn’t just appear out of thin air, and that it’s normally thoughtfully curated, created, published and shared. This takes coordination, time, foresight, and some…Read More

Prioritize Before Action
With every website project, we must plan our attack before taking action. This reminds me of the old saying: ‘Measure twice, cut once.’ Whether you’re…Read More

Lazy is As Lazy Does
We know that lazy is as lazy does, and have seen several instances where laziness has plagued and ruined marketing plans and…Read More

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance