Seasonality and planning ahead for local business marketing

Seasonality & Planning Ahead

Written by Carl Foisy

In almost all types of businesses we’ve worked with, there has been some level of seasonality involved with their business that helps guide parts of the overall marketing plan.
For example, restaurants will always promote Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, and sports bars will always have the Super Bowl and World Series games, while professional services and organizations will celebrate and/or recognize specific national holidays and timelines.
Even more granular examples would be; the tire shops that follow the weather trends, and those who craft finer products like beer, wine and oil who are restricted to harvest seasons, etc.
It’s also good to know that not everything is a money making promotion, and that some are genuine reputation management techniques. For example, we’ve designed general ‘PSA’ style campaigns like Earth Day for construction companies, Happy 4th of July for accounting firms, and other general marketing pushes for whatever specialty topic/event a business owner might want awareness on, that occurs annually or regularly. We’ve done it.
No matter what the type of business, we find the seasonality elements, incorporate it into our plans, and we plan ahead for success.
With every seasonal marketing push, we start planning roughly two-months ahead of schedule, giving us enough time to prepare any graphics, videos and the website. Keeping distribution lists current, we activate our mix of tools from (but not limited to) email marketing, social media, and any printed items, before deploying the campaign.
Once the campaign is complete, and the season passes, we review the outcomes and earmark any items to repeat, refine or eliminate for the upcoming year. This summarized review has always proven to be very helpful ten-months later.
And as the old sayings go; ‘Hindsight is twenty-twenty.’, and ‘Prior proper planning prevents poor performance.’…we take both to heart in marketing seasonality and planning ahead for success.
If you’d like help maintaining your seasonal promotional plans, OR need help creating one to begin with, we can help. Just call 408.250.8066 during business hours and asked for Carl.