Websites Should Work For You

Websites Should Work for You

Written by Carl Foisy

At Marketing by the C, we look at websites as if they are a business’s hardest working employee. It’s easy for us to think this way because unlike any normal warm-blooded human employee, good websites work 24-hours a day with no breaks, are available with correct answers for many users at once, have clear avenues for prospective customers to become actual customers, are on-time 365-days a year with no sick or vacation days, are entertaining, informative, and much more. Considering that the cost of building and maintaining a website is very low in comparison to having a full-time employee, it’s easy and affordable to treat your website well, and give it the attention it needs to continue being both the Digital Employee of the Year, as well as a strong and important business tool.
The title of this article is ‘Websites Should Work for You’ because they should. Having developed websites in San Jose since 2006, we find it heartbreaking that in 2024 there are still several locally owned Silicon Valley businesses with websites that aren’t working for them, and some that are working against them. And it breaks our heart because we know just how affordable it is to have a healthy website that works for a business, and we know just how valuable the first impression is for a business’s reputation online….especially from hard earned word of mouth referrals and organic search results.
Through the years, we’ve come in contact with businesses, organizations, groups, etc. that have been burned or have been ’stuck’ in situations by inexperienced website developers. Marketing by the C has helped many to get ‘un-stuck’, and into healthy digital positions with websites that work for them. Sometimes the fix requires a full website rebuild, and other times we can perform a ’Site Flip’ to remedy the issues. In some circumstances when a website doesn’t require rebuilding, we can fix things by applying the overlooked best practices and put smart solutions in place to create healthy working websites. In every case user experiences are improved and the results are noticeable.
In this new age of ai, many all-in-one website and marketing solutions have popped up and positioned themselves as ‘a website that works for you’, but none have yet to achieve what a human can, and each has proven to require the same effort and human-hours to manage. And in our humble opinion, these ai driven systems (which have been pitched and sold to unknowing business owners as affordable, convenient and easy) allow websites and marketing efforts to be ignored, treated poorly, and eventually fall by the wayside….and it happens fast. Fortunately the opposite is true when we build and manage a website properly with goal achieving, smart, and sustainable methods and techniques. Goodness and quality are achievable.

If you feel like your website isn’t working for your business or organization, CONTACT US and we can help turn things around.

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