Hiring a Professional

Hiring Professionals VS Your Cousin

Written by Carl Foisy

When it comes to getting the job done correctly, hiring a professional to do the work will always turn out to be more efficient and effective. In some industries, you always need to hire a pro, vs. find a friend or family member who ‘can do it’….examples, electricians, instructors, and doctors…And of course, you almost always want to hire a professional who knows what and how to do the job you need completed.

We’re talking about websites, graphic design, photography, messaging, distribution, etc. The know-how and ins-n-outs of our industry aren’t learned overnight. And for a business, what we do is nothing that should be handled-lightly, or done half-ass.

There are two main reasons why you shouldn’t hire your cousin vs a pro;

1st is Quality of Work: You can almost always tell the difference between a pro vs not in all graphic and design work. Also, everything from website user experience and visual pleasure, to workload timelines and execution, those who aren’t professionals in the game will almost always show their experience in their work.

2nd is Reliability: The person helping you simply disappears. Because it wasn’t their full-time 100% passion or job and a side-gig or hobby for them at best. AND when they disappear, it’s most likely because they got overwhelmed with their real full-time job…or couldn’t handle the workload they were given to begin with. These two main reasons are very common and happen more than they should.

We’ve seen dozens of situations where a cousin, friend, child, or someone else who ‘can do that’ end up in bad situations. Everything from not having full access or ownership of domains or emails, to poorly designed and distributed materials. It all shows.

Every business owner knows that ‘Time is Money’ and it’s easy to compare the time it takes a pro to handle business vs your cousin. Pros like us are efficient, while your cousin is floating on his own side-gig timelines. Things that take your cousin a few hours to do, a Pro can do in minutes. For a pro, it’s a career path and their core means to provide for their family, making it very important for the Pro to be both efficient and effective, where your cousin has other things to worry about.

In one situation, we saved a business thousands of dollars per month in basic hosting fees. Not only did their cousin create 5-different websites for them, but they also signed them up with a shifty ‘hosting’ company that was charging them hundreds of dollars per domain for hosting PER MONTH. This was a huge red flag for us, and something we put an end to after some basic education and coaching with the business owners. Not only did we save them thousands of dollars, we also secured their domains to be within an account that was owned by the biz owners…not an over-charging 3rd party management company. All of this happened to the biz because they had no idea about the Wild Wild West tactics by shady ‘hosting’ company.

Several businesses and small companies are in situations where they do not own their domains or aren’t involved with their marketing efforts, while the person who is, does not have the experience or know-how to do the job correctly.

When we come across these situations, we handle them with care and caution. In our line of work, it’s still sorta the Wild Wild West where people are very protective and territorial with access and permissions. The digital arena can be very personal, even for a business. And with so many bad and malicious things out there praying on business owners who don’t know any better, it makes the atmosphere kind of scary and sketchy for most.

BUT this is where Marketing by the C comes in to help. The way we do business is all very transparent and secure. Mostly, we work within the credentials that belong to the business directly. If a biz does not have the credentials, we also set them up with their own. We are a ‘white-glove’ style service for local businesses‘ digital and marketing needs….and we are here to help.

During our time in the digital media and marketing industry, we’ve seen so many situations that turned into emergencies and or problems when the person in charge of the digital identity or marketing voice was not a professional. And in each situation, we cured the issue and set forth polished and proper methods to move forward. The way it should be.

Also, to every cousin out there who is a professional, you know what we’re talking about too. We’re just writing about it to spread the word of the nonsense business owners deal with. The thing is, there are more brain surgeons in the world than professional website developers and marketing experts. And we write these perspective articles because knowledge is power, sharing is caring, and we believe more people should understand the overall importance of what we do.
If some of this sounds familiar, or you’re dealing with something similar, give us a call and we can help: 408.250.8066