No One Likes the 'Sales Person' at a Party

No One Likes the ‘Sales Person’ at a Party

Written by Carl Foisy

The title of this article is true in more ways than it’s not. While some business mixers and gatherings might be OK to be a sales-person at, for the most part, no one likes the sales person at a party.
We all know who that person is too. It’s the one who is always thinking about, and many times taking action on, monetizing off of (or monetarily benefitting from) the others at the party, rather than just relaxing and enjoying the party.
I use this analogy with how to manage social media handles for businesses. When we look at each social media outlet as a different party, we can realize just how we can effectively speak while at the party….and the sales pitch or push ain’t it kid. At least this is how MbtC sees it.
Starting with the most popular Social Media platform, Facebook is a family-friendly party where you can chill with your folks, old school friends, and co-workers in your inner circle. With Instagram it’s more of the college party where everyone is hella cool and we might actually know about half of those we’re connected to. LinkedIn is an indeed a company party where we must mind our Ps and Qs and keep a professional mind about us….and so on….and we must respect each party individually.
Businesses in particular must be very careful to become the sales person at these parties (organizations too). They must avoid being seen as a commercial, or as a business whose only reason for sharing at the party is to make money. In comparison, we encourage those we work with to be focused on sharing useful info, fun factoids, and other humanistic things that the other party goers can relate to….and to recognize that those who like/follow you, already know that you are in business to make money. So by sharing info, you’ll be reminding and strengthening your TOMA (top of mind awareness) at each party.
It’s easy to ruin your reputation on social media by being the sales person at the party. And while it’s doable, it’s even harder to reverse the damage. When we speak as a business, we share with intention, and always have longterm goals in mind to achieve.
If you feel like you’ve been the ‘sales person’ on social media (unbeknownst to you), and need help recalibrating your approach, just reach out and we can help.