Women Owned Businesses

Women Owned Businesses

Written by Carl Foisy

One of our business fundamentals is to help locally owned businesses thrive. In all cases who we work with matters, and we’re proud to share that we work with very good and respectful people. As we indeed celebrate and support women daily, during Women’s History Month we wanted to acknowledge and show some love for the Women-Owned businesses we work with. Each of these business owners deserves respect, and you’ll see that their title as Owner is just the tip of their professional iceberg. Marketing by the C is indeed honored to partner and work with these remarkable business owners.

Angelique StumpHot Behind You Hospitality Management Group
Fierce, fearless, and takes care of business, Angelique Stump is an owner operator to many Silicon Valley destination restaurants. As a leader who wears several hats, she has a wonderful way about staying true to herself while balancing business matters big and small. Also, Angelique is a ballerina….no wonder why she’s on pointe.

Veronica CruzDowntown Yoga Shala
Knowing what she wants, and finding a path to get there is one of Veronica’s many strengths. We’ve known Veronica since DYS opened in 2009, but have only worked with her since 2023. Being that she overcame ‘demic shutdowns and continues to build her business speaks to her high level of perseverance and dedication. Veronica is a Peaceful Powerhouse.

Hway-Ling HsuSweetdragon Baking Company
The combination of her genuineness, the way she shares goodness, and her love for overalls, Hway-Ling is one-of-a-kind. Not only does she bake delicious sweets, her attitude for life (and the world around her) is also very sweet. If you get a chance to meet her, you’ll understand why we appreciate and love Hway-Ling’s energy.

Julie OrrPergolas by Julie
With loads of energy and a local vibe to match, Julie Orr, founder of Pergolas by Julie and Julie Orr Landscape Design, found her way to MbtC via referral from another stellar woman. Julie has a very clear vision on what she wants and it’s an honor to help her achieve these goals. Plus, the pergolas are hella cool.

Annetta SimpsonBack A Yard – Coconuts – Cliffords
Understanding, considerate, caring and very professional, Annetta Simpson (and her family) own a few successful restaurant brands that focus on Caribbean and Soul Food. Working with Annetta is easy because no matter if we’re talking serious business or laughing for a few moments, her vibes are super chill across the board. We also always appreciate how calculated she is with her time, and how clear she is with her business needs.

Brooke MercurioKitchen & Bath Design Center & Showroom
Working side-by-side with her father, Brooke is by-far the youngest female in Silicon Valley with the most knowledge in her industry. Owning a businesses that sells thousands of products from hundreds of brands seems daunting, but Brooke handles it like a charm. Flexing and sharing her knowledge for kitchen and bathroom remodeling is what keeps her business’s operation and reputation strong.

Miriam Kali-RaiJackson & Main
Highly intelligent, strong, confident, and considerate, are a few words to describe Miriam. Her level of professionalism and coordination helped streamline the development of many important websites over the years. While owning a private firm with her husband in Silicon Valley, Miriam is kind, gentle, and a force to be reckoned with.

Julie Orr – Pergolas by Julie
Only being on Julie’s team for less than a month, her energy and focus grabbed our attention as a true leader. Seeing her business, and recognizing her motivation to be great made it a quick fit for working together, as we share similar values in marketing and media. Julie knows how to handle biz while having fun.

Cori F.Art by Cori
Every painting has an artist behind the brush, and for Art by Cori, you guessed it, it’s Cori. And for Cori, every painting has a real life story behind it as she captures pets and family’s animals on canvas. This takes a special type of person, and Cori is just that. The way she can harness her love for animals and pets is a direct reflection of how she is to others…..kind and loving.

Michelle Della PennaDella Penna Foundation
With the tagline ‘Women Driving Change in Motorsports’, Michelle Della Penna is a leader in introducing auto racing to young women. Michelle’s family is racing royalty and her high octane for the sport pushes her foundation forward every lap. Michelle’s leadership drives her team to the finish line for each event and program she starts the engines on. Full throttle passion at it’s finest.

Nicole FoisyStudio 10 Dance
We may be bias on the last one, (and rightfully so being she is Carl’s wife) Nicole Foisy is one of the most thoughtful leaders we’ve had the privilege to be around. Selfless, calculated, thorough, and passionate, her ability to explain what she wants and communicate with her team is superb. Nicole has taken on leadership roles since she was a teen, and it’s a blessing to be a part of it all. Nicole is a rockstar.

It’s true that Marketing by the C supports women owned businesses, but we also want to point out that we love all good business owners equally no matter gender or background. #OneLove