Studio 10 Dance in San Jose CA

Success Story: Studio 10 Dance

Written by Carl Foisy

Full disclosure. Carl’s wife owns Studio 10 Dance. She grew up taking dance classes there as a child, taught classes there thru college, and is now the owner. And fortunately she needs help with marketing, and of course we help…we wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂
Studio 10 Dance success story is thick. From the moment my wife took over, we began making waves. Besides improving the website, remodeling the physical building, and working with local artists to design cool eye-catching murals, we’ve also fine-tuned the studio’s marketing machine and team. Thanks to the help of MMD with killer graphic designs, the hands-on activities of the social media in-house team, and a steady plan for outreach to email subscribers, Studio 10 Dance is withstanding the test of time.
Everything from posters and digital promotions to producing stellar videos and building a virtual space in the Metaverse, the marketing is strong…and being in love with the owner has its benefits.
Studio 10 Dance
6190 Bollinger Road
San Jose, CA 95129
Phone Number: 408.446.0103
What we do for them:
Social Media
Graphic Design
Domain Management
Media Liaison
Digital LIteracy
360 Degree Pics
Google Business
General Maintenance
Refill Paper Products
Garbage Duty
Facilities Manager
Polish Mirrors
Make Wife Happy