Studio 10 Dance in the metaverse by Virtualocity.

Entering Next Level Experiences on Metaverse

Written by Carl Foisy

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend who has been tinkering with the metaverse space for some time now. I use the word ‘tinkering’ lightly because the fact is, he and his team have been developing custom virtual spaces and finding success in hosting live events and gatherings in the metaverse arena. 

As all good conversations tend to go between friends, ours bubbled into a new business idea that has the legs to be our next level web experience for locally owned businesses. Of course as things do, the brainstorm began and ideas began to flow. Within a few moments my father-in-law spouted out a very clever name….Virtualocity. This is how things start. And we couldn’t think of anyone else better to create virtual spaces for locally owned businesses than us tech-savvy people in Silicon Valley. And since no one is offering this service to local outfits, we will. 

The core idea is to create spaces in the metaverse where real brick and mortar businesses and real world places can have representation. As of now, most of what is being designed in the metaverse are daydream-like, make-believe spaces built from wild imaginations with factors of inhuman abilities by users with encrypted names like SportySpice444. And since we recognized the constant need for something fun and new, we made this idea grow by planning some tasks, setting a few goals, and taking action. 

In less than 50-working hours we created and activated a metaverse space for Studio 10 Dance as a test ground, and the test went smashingly. We were able to construct and scale the actual metaverse location by using 360 degree photos, identify levels of texture and detailing options, and successfully launch the virtual space portal on for students and web users to interact with. 

The metaverse location of any business is essentially an extension of, and a fun way to experience a businesses website and digital identity. Typically a business has a standard world wide website, social outlets and other sharing distribution methods to inform and interact with audiences digitally. As of Nov 2022 we figured out a way to add the metaverse in the mix, and it’s called Virtualocity.  

Besides cool real time H2H avatars, interactive connections to website and internet destinations, these new virtual spaces also have live video streaming capabilities. Being in the metaverse, the options for security and/or moderation on user abilities are easy to set-up and apply. Also, being a new-age cutting-edge digital platform, the option to assign NFTs for specific access to events etc is available. 

As we begin to have fun in this new virtual arena, Marketing by the C will be offering Virtualocity made virtual spaces and places as a new service for locally owned businesses to enter the next level of user experiences in the metaverse.