2022 Year in Review

Written by Carl Foisy

In 2022 we continued to stay focused on the goals of the businesses we work with, while staying true to our own goals to grow and evolve as a company. We did everything from help local business owners continue to rebound from (and survive) the pandemic, to rebrand legacy establishments and create several new success stories along the way.
One of our ongoing goals is to be more active with sharing rich community content, so we’ve been more involved with Google Maps and StreetView (particularly with 360 degree photos and video) and it’s showing. In July 2022 we hit a 70k view milestone, and finished 2022 with over 1-million. Google is indeed a powerful outlet, and we use it.
In 2022 we also focused on sharpening our mature skills and techniques, starting with our preferred email distribution tool Mailchimp. Considering we’ve been using Mailchimp for over a decade, we didn’t want to miss out on their DIY academy. As of Oct 2022 we are officially Mailchimp Certified, and currently working on other programs.
Adding to our list of offerings in 2022, we now offer wedding video and photo services. Over the years we’ve performed these tasked here and there for friends and family, but as of Nov 2022, our team and methods to capture and produce amazing wedding videos and photos has proven to be a success. So now we offer it, tell a friend.
All of the restaurant and hospitality businesses we help continued to operate while facing staffing issues. But places like Double D’s added a new patio, Loft in DTSJ refreshed their brand and reopened, Lamella Tavern started weekend brunch and live music, and Hop & Vine keeps getting busier and busier. Things are looking up on all fronts, and we have plans for each to keep growing in 2023.
We did many video focused jobs in 2022. Some of the most notable were for Garden City Construction. And while we’ve only published one of the many we’re working on with them, it’s a very cool video and believe we did a wonderful job producing it. A couple other fun videos we worked on were to bring life to an Almond Farmer and a local artist’s websites. Subtle touches like these website video features help make the difference in first impressions.
Its always nice to receive calls from friends who need help bringing their plans to life. One friend needed a brochure for their geo thermal power company. Another friend had us build a website to bring his private bartender side hustle to the next level. We helped another long time business acquaintance market and promote a large warehouse sale of vintage building materials, which was hella cool. And the forth call we received was a referral, and it led to our company rebuilding the official website of the Silicon Valley Chapter of MOAA. We take loads of pride in each project, and absolutely love helping our family, friends, and friends or friends.
All in all 2022 was a success. We finished the year celebrating several totally awesome recognition awards and mentions for best website designers in San Jose, the USA and The World. Thats right, we covered all regions in 2022. And we’re aiming to keep that momentum running for years to come. Bravo to 2022 and Cheers to 2023!
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