wedding video and photo services at wester wedding with bride and groom

Now Offering Wedding Video & Photo Services

Written by Carl Foisy

It’s not everyday that we get called in for a wedding gig, and truth be told, we primarily save these requests for friends, families or strong referrals. BUT recently we did a complete wedding video and photo project, and decided to add it to our list of offerings.
It all started with a standard friendly phone call with the couple. We discussed their wants, needs, special requests and schedule of events. Once we hammered-out these details and had our game-plan we were ready to get to work.
Our initial steps were to capture some meaningful engagement photos, and to get to know the couple’s chemistry a little better. This session helped us gather more than just pictures, because we also captured heartfelt words from each, which we later used in the wedding video.
Not long before the wedding day, we had a nice sit-down meeting with the couple to outline and confirm all wedding day details and plans. We know that things can possibly be changed, but knowing the core details is essential in pulling off a frictionless wedding day video and photo session.
Day of the wedding, we arrived slightly earlier than schedule to prepare our equipment and get a preliminary overview of the area. This particular wedding was at a very cool western themed event venue and had loads of character.
We worked as a three-person team. One on video, one on photos, and the third on audio detail and equipment assist for video and photo lead. Needless to say, we had a tight team, and crushed the pre-wedding session with ease.
Once the guests began to arrive, and the ceremony began, it was showtime! All three teammates were in action, we stayed out of the way of guests and other cameras, and actively recording the special moments. During the dinner, reception and after-party, we continued to capture the important and memorable moments from the fun toasts and first dance, to their guests well-wishes and all the fun that ensues after a wedding.
For us, this wedding was a success mainly because within 2-weeks after the wedding, we had the wedding video and photos all prepared and ready for the couple to have, love and share. But also a success because we were so very happy with the final product, that we’ve decided to add it to our list of services.