Ramara Farms in California

Success Story: Ramara Farms

Written by Carl Foisy

Ramara Farms was one of the quickest projects, not only were hired for, but also that we’ve completed. Working with the company owners was seamless, and our high level of communication and transparency helped move the project along quite nicely. We built a gorgeous website and produced a wonderful video using their provided video footage and photos, and we designed a beautiful infographic that complimented their website and brochure. Their existing brochure was a few pages with too much info on each page, and we transitioned it into a modular (adjust as needed) 28 page masterpiece that included two page spreads and modernized it with QR codes and authentic cool visuals. In less than 30-hours of work, and within 1-month’s time, we proudly launched their new website, and had already received real-time feedback on how the brochure worked in the field, and we continue to provide services and solutions to assist in their growth and success. 

What we do for them:

Website Development

Graphic Design

Video Production