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Community Contributions that Count

Contributing to the community is one thing, but contributing goodness that the community wants, and is currently not getting, is a way better thing.

About three years ago this local food and drink spot asked us for some marketing help. They had their requests and needs, while as a marketing specialist, I did some extra curricular sleuthing. And after some quick research, I found that the community was searching for their ‘fish and chips’, and that besides a text menu description and price, unfortunately there was nothing pleasing or satisfying available for the community to see online. Very quickly I discovered an area of pain that needed to be healed, and the business owners had no idea, nor was it on their radar as a ‘want’ when they hired us.

So before a work meeting with them, I stopped in early for a quick bite, and purposely ordered their popular Fish n Chips and a proper Guinness in order to capture a photo to share with the community. I was hungry when it arrived, I can’t say it was in the top league of ‘best fish and chips’ that Ive ever had. But I knew one thing, that the community wanted to see their fish and chips. They wanted so badly to be satisfied with a visual of this popular, most spoken about menu item. So I gave it to them.

Contributing the photo was one thing, but knowing the contribution has since satisfied the curiosity of over 70k others in the community is crazy satisfying tp me personally.

We don’t help this local food and drink spot with marketing any longer, but its nice to know that the seed we planted years ago is still producing fruit for them on a daily basis. Mathematically this one photo is being viewed on average more than 2.5 times every hour since I posted it almost 3-years ago.

If I was to have a moral to this story, it’d be that if you’re going to share and contribute to the community, try to find the areas where you can sustainably share stuff that satisfies others, no matter the year or situation. Give the goodness and the goodness will find you right back.

Written by Carl Foisy