The Mighty URL

I’ll come right out and say it; URLs (aka Uniform Resource Locators) are one of the world’s greatest marketing tools, especially in today’s digital age. Whoomp, there it is! A URL is a customizable web address, and in my opinion, they are super useful, can be fun, and are one of the top marketing tools available…if they are available. LOL

Overall I love marketing and creative elements that come into play in ‘making things happen’. One thing that I was introduced to early on was the use of URLs, and the strength of memorable domain addresses. For marketing, having your own dot coms, orgs, nets etc is either about having a place to be seen online, exercising your option to register alternative variations of the same name/biz/outfit (so your competitor can’t), or to secure your place on the web for the time when you decide bring ideas to life.

Yes, a website needs a URL, aka a digital address. And most of the time, domains are as simple as the BusinessName dot com. Sometimes locally owned businesses will regionalize and/or include their specific industry in their URL name. Examples: or or These days, we also have cooler suffixes like dot pro, cool, live, shop etc. and the options are growing. These newer web addresses are more cutting edge, and when used properly, can be equally as powerful as the strongest dot coms. It’s all about being memorable, and something worth wanting to visit. Of course, there are URLs that are geared towards specific industries like dot yoga, homes, club and others, but in all cases, any URL can be developed into a killer website or online destination.

When registering URLs, you can always take the opportunity to secure several variations of similar domain names. Besides owning the basic dot com, net, and org variations, owning the regional or industry specific versions (as previously mentioned) is wise too. Considering that there is only one of each URL, if a business, organization, person, outfit of sorts, etc. does not want their competitor, enemy, or other ill-willed-rascals, etc. to have access to own something that is connected to your name, idea, movement etc., then registering the alternative variation(s) is a good idea. It’s not mandatory, but I personally recommend it. There is such thing as ‘too much’ in some cases. Nonetheless, any alternate variation of URL for one specific business, idea, or outfit of sorts, can be simply redirected to a primary domain that has a live and working website. For example. I own which is redirected to, the website you’re currently on. In my opinion, this is a fun space to be in with web addresses because other alternative URLS like or or are all connected to too. Not every URL must become a website or be developed, but the right memorable web address can be useful and fun.

Sometimes URLs are registered for ideas that will become real in the future. This can be for several things like for modern business ideas, a dream of a future social club, names of kids and/or family, ideas of influencer style content outlets, and so many other reasons. My domain portfolio has a few different collections for modern business ideas, services and solutions that aren’t currently being used. For my URLs that aren’t attached to names of family members and friends, the majority of my collection is being used as redirectors to other relevant web destinations. Sometimes the destination is a social profile or a general website guide listing like or, but is primarily being used to direct folks to another website like or or, and I think that’s hella cool indeed.

For a future article, I plan to talk more about how I believe URLs are the original digital NFT in text form… but for now, this post is all about how and why I believe The Mighty URL is one of the world’s greatest marketing tools. If you’re a business owner, influencer type, or have a passion project that you want to bring to life online, I can help you. My number is at the top of this website and you can use it when you’re ready to take action. BUT my first suggestion is to get a GoDaddy account and look around at some URLs that might be available. Some will cost less than twenty-bucks a year to register, but don’t be surprised if the one you want is more expensive than you anticipated, or not available at all. There is only one of each domain and they are becoming harder and harder to get.

Written by Carl Foisy