Missed Opportunities Are Bad

I am passionate about several things in my marketing and media career, but one thing that really bothers me is missed opportunities. Some people think and act like marketing and advertising can be done by anyone, and I say they are wrong. Why? Because a non-pro will miss too many opportunities. You can’t just take a person in the office who uses Instagram personally and turn them into the social media manager. You can’t rely on your cousin’s side-hustle gig for graphic design in a timely manner. A sales person should not be in charge of list management or distribution. And you most definitely should not rely on under-experienced friends or firms to handle your digital presence or website…..all because they miss big and little opportunities every time on everything.

That which defines a missed opportunity is all very subjective, while having its absolutes. It could be a missed opportunity to use appropriate tags in a social media post. It could be a missed opportunity to provide clear conversion avenues or call to actions. Even simple missed opportunities like bypassing basic marketing and advertising techniques on how and when to speak to your audience(s). No matter how or where the missed opportunity happens, missed opportunities aren’t cool and are a waste of money.

My trained eye catches missed opportunities everyday, it’s like a curse. No matter if I’m watching TV, scrolling social feeds, listening to radio or music, thumbing through a magazine, or somewhere being exposed to some form of advertisement or forum where businesses have a voice, I spot missed opportunities, and it bothers me to think about the wasted money, time and effort put forth, all just to eventually miss an opportunity while essentially distributing a poorly executed ad, promo, or post out for the world to see on behalf of what could be a great business. It’s a shame that these missed opportunities erode the perception customers have and can negatively effect the overall reputation of a business. That’s not how I work. I maximize the moments and opportunities and help businesses build up and strengthen in all areas.

Every marketing and advertising action a business takes should have a reason and/or goal behind it. It’s up to the person handling the marketing and advertising to know which opportunities to use and how to share most effectively on the business’s behalf. Since 2006, it’s been my pleasure to be that person for dozens of locally owned companies and businesses. I’m also proud to channel my passion for honest and transparent work, to continue leading by example in my industry, and to do quality work for hard-working folks, who like me, are achieving their American Dream.

If you think your business has been missing opportunities, or are simply interested in knowing where you might be missing opportunities, don’t miss this opportunity to call me 408-250-8066 and let me help get you on the right track for success.

Written by Carl Foisy