MMD Guest Post: Websites Are Important

Websites Are Important

Written by Carl Foisy

Similar to accounting systems, business licenses and certifications, logo/identity, and other standard business necessities, we believe that a website is equally as important for a business to be legit and successful. And just like businesses, not all websites are the same. But a website is indeed a necessity for a business.
On the regular, we’re telling business owners that a website is their hardest working employee. They take no breaks, work 24-7-365, have all of the answers, and have avenues for users to take action. It’s a place where businesses can share perspectives while addressing specific categories and relevant topics. But mainly, it’s a place where users need to feel good before they become customers, clients, partners, trusting referrals, sponsors, etc.
A website represents the reputation and quality of a business. If a website is ignored and falls behind on user expectations, or even worse looks and performs worse than the competitors, prospectives and users will make their decisions to or not-to take action, but only after they judge the character of the website. If a website is current and up-to-date, allows for easy navigation and mining, and visually makes users feel great, a business’s reputation will be strong, especially on first impressions and initial user experiences.
We practice sustainable methods of website development. We build and rebuild websites with intentions on allowing each website to mature organically over the years. Fundamentally, we create goal-achieving websites that follow best practices and industry standards, while maintaining authenticity and applying bleeding-edge methods and technologies.
Everything from brand new website development to complete website rebuild and consolidation projects, we can handle anything. Each website we build is customized to each different business’s needs, and we always work together with business owners and leaders on maintaining their website’s integrity and reliability. And we do all of this because websites are important.
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