SoSA SJ 2nd street party district

Passion Project: SoSA SJ

Written by Carl Foisy

On a mission to promote togetherness, SoSA (South of Second Area) was created to promote one of the most activated sections of 2nd Street, and the adjacent intersecting areas on Santa Clara and San Fernando, as Downtown San Jose’s epicenter of nightlife. When the sun goes down, the party starts, and the energy is marvelous.

Considering the heavy concentration of dance clubs, bars and restaurants in this 1-block region, SoSA has had a reputation as DTSJ’s party district for decades….and now it has an identity. SoSA

As of Jan 2023, we’ve identified 17 businesses (mostly locally owned) that make up the regions places to visit during the evening. Destination bars, clubs, eateries and great places to chill and relax, all that make nights fun in Downtown San Jose.

Marketing by the C is proud to present and to the community, and intends to support the businesses via social and web, all in the name of love, for the betterment of the downtown establishments in this corridor, and especially for the people that make them awesome places.

A message from Carl:
‘This is the start of a larger project I have in mind, but it’s my way of helping the businesses, people and downtown I love. I’ve been fortunate to be exposed to, and inspired by, other folks in our community who do good things because they feel like it. SoSA is like a get well card and love letter all in one, from me to DTSJ. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m prepared for both the good and bad storms that may come due to this passion project. All in all, I’m doing it outta of love and togetherness. One love and peace to all who love San Jose like I do.’