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Success Story: Sonnet Hill Senior Living

Written by Carl Foisy

When Sonnet Hill found and hired us, they initially requested help understanding the ’SEO package’ and content plans they had been working on for a couple years with an outfit from out of state. After a few qualifying and investigative questions, we knew our services could help them, and instantly got to work for this business.
After a general audit for web ranking and directory submissions, we identified and made corrections and suggestions. One correction was to simply add their local phone number to their Google business listing. We then dug-in and helped them understand their google ad reports and ad spend activities. With our digital literacy services, we were able to help educate the leaders at Sonnet Hill on what they had paid and received via the monthly ad spend.
When we started to address the content marketing and ‘backlink’ strategies, very quickly we uncovered a poor black-hat style backlink strategy being executed by this outta town agency. We knew that we needed to put a stop to, and request to have removed, these bad links, along with an extremely poor microsite strategy that was connected to hundreds (if not thousands) of very spammy micro-sites. Finding these poor links and backlinks, and helping put a stop to them instantly saved Sonnet Hill almost two thousand dollars a month alone.
We then Identified areas for website updates and improvements to the user experience. After doing some house cleaning, we outlined a sustainable plan for create fresh web content and videos on important/popular topics, and to activate their social and email distribution. We also added 360 degree photos to Google StreetView which have been seen thousands of times in the first couple months.
Also, we’re happy to say that due to the few modifications we made to their Google business page, and by removing the bad backlinks, Sonnet Hill has reported that they’ve seen an increase in positive inquiries ever since. We’re glad Sonnet Hill found us, and we look forward to building more success with them for years to come.
Sonnet Hill
429 Meridian Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126.
(408) 731-0019
What we do for them:
– Content Marketing
– Video Production
– On Site Photography
– Digital & Web Audit
– Media Liaison
– Graphic Design
– Social & Directory
– 360 Degree Photos