Passion Project:

Passion Project:

Written by Carl Foisy

Inline with another recent Passion Project for, the SoDA was a must in our book.

Heres the thing, it took us a long time to figure out that if we want to do something, we can just do it. And after just launching the 2nd St Party District and (South of Second Area in #DTSJ)…we decided to keep the fun going with the South of Downtown Area District. And so is now a thing too.

Cool local spots like Camino Brewing Company, Ricks Furniture, The 5-Spot and other fun businesses are in the SoDA.

Some might ask….Where is SoDA? and it’s that area of S. 1st and S. 2nd Streets between E. Reed St to Keyes St….thats the SoDA District….and its Poppin!

It indeed feels good to do these fulfilling projects, and so far they’ve been accepted and appreciated. But for us, these projects are our way of doing and giving goodness back to the city and community we love.