Passion Project:

Written by Carl Foisy

In Oct 2017 we registered not really knowing what to do with it, but knowing that we could do something good with it when the time came. This isn’t uncommon for how we register domains. For example, we registered six-months before realizing it would work perfectly for our Mask’s for Meals Passion Project. Even this website here was initially slated as a retirement plan and to be used later in life. Nevertheless, in Oct 2017 we couldn’t have known what we do today, especially with the URL
And as of today, we’re pleased to say that we’ve created a website that lists all of the neighborhoods, districts and regions in San Jose California, with links to resources and credible neighborhood guides where users can explore and find all that is cool in San Jose.
It all started when we decided to create SoSA (South of Second Area in Downtown San Jose) helping to identify a specific corridor in downtown as the ‘2nd Street Party District, and Epicenter of Nightlife in DTSJ’ ….and so far its been accepted with open arms. We’ve also launched (South of Downtown Area District) with the same intentions to shine light on the local region and business that make up the area. was created to connect all the areas, regions and neighborhoods together in one ‘cool’ place. Understanding that there are several cool areas in San Jose beyond the Downtown districts, like Willow Glen, Japantown, Silver Creek and even Westside SJ, made it easy to decide that would become a destination and resource for everything in SJ…because San Jose is cool.
‘Consider this my get-well card and love letter to San Jose all in one. In our post-demic world, it’s clear that there are several areas still reeling and ‘bouncing-back’ from the storm that started Mar 2020. I know that a network of websites can’t change it all, but also know that every little bit counts. And since I still have the bandwidth and will to help, I’m flexing my talents and doing just that. Who knows what will mature into over the years, but for now, we feel good knowing it’s being used for good.’ – Carl