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There is No Deal in Wasting Money

Written by Carl Foisy

We’ve built dozens of websites over the years, and it’s clear to us that websites have a solid lifespan of 3-5 years on average. So when we come across website development companies that charge a ‘low’ monthly fee to build and manage websites, we see right through that business model as a huge waste of money. Why? The numbers are pretty clear.

When a business signs up to build a website for a monthly fee, those fees do not stop for several years, where in reality, the project was most likely paid in full in the first year’s time. These companies are relying on a locally owned business to feel like there is some good deal to pay a few hundred a month, rather than pay a few thousand for a stand-alone website project. Heck, after reading that last sentence, you too might be thinking a few hundred dollars sounds better than a few thousand. BUT remember that websites can live upwards to 5-years before needing any major upgrades or changes.  Meaning those few hundred dollars per month add up to tens of thousands over the years. Now, we’re all about the people we help investing in their businesses, BUT asking a locally owned business, to pay some outta town corporation tens of thousands of dollars more than needed is not what we support. AND the phrase ‘You get what you pay for.’ rings true with quality work from reliable people like us.

Ok, here is a legit example: Let’s compare a $400 per month website ‘deal’, to a My Media Designer website project. The monthly ‘deal’ costs $4800 per year or $24k in 5-years. Our fees would be roughly the same as their first year’s monthly deal, (we start as low as 2400 for starter site project) and the ongoing annual costs from thereon would be very small in comparison to general hosting, security, ADA compliance, and overall theme updates, costing less than $1k per year. Being way less than the $24k ’deal’ for 5-years. Way less. PLUS, most of these website dev businesses aren’t local to San Jose, Silicon Valley. So, not only do the businesses we work locally with benefit from saving a ton of money, they also get a direct connection to locals.

If for some reason you’re working with a company that is still charging you for a website they built years ago, we hate to think you’re being taken advantage of. Nonetheless, we can help you understand the reality of website development fees and costs. Our level of transparency is far superior to other agencies, and we take very good care of those we help because we believe Websites are Important.