San Jose Carl

Helping Locals Thrive

It’s easy to quickly say that ‘I love helping locals thrive.’, but I’d rather paint the complete picture. Growing up a helper, doer and survivor, it’s in my nature to find unique and efficient ways to get things done. Different jobs, from paperboy and photographer assistant, to banker and office equipment salesman, all taught me a variety of responsibilities and contributed to a solid work ethic….and each also fun and exciting in their own way ta-boot.

The painting is almost half-way complete, because in my late teens, when I started working in restaurants, some cool folks groomed me to be super accommodating and understanding, and years of first-hand hospitality experience shaped my appreciation for many point of views. In 2006, when I was introduced to digital marketing, and the importance of a strong ecosystem of locally owned businesses, I combined my many talents with some savvy marketing tools, and began helping locally owned business achieve important goals….back then it felt good, and still as of today it feels great.

These two phrases will help finish the painting:
“If you love what you do for work, you’ll never work a day in your life.”
“They say ‘You only live once.’…but in reality, you only die once, while you live everyday.”
Both phrases stoke my eternal fire in a good way. The core meanings of these phrases give me plenty reason to get-up and get-goin on the daily. Similar to these phrases, helping locally owned businesses succeed also stokes my fire in a good way because it’s such fulfilling work. Add the fact that I’m also helping local people, and it makes it that much easier to take pride in the work I do….because helping locals thrive rocks.

Hope you enjoyed the read. If we work together, know that I take loads of pride in the work we do together. If we don’t work together, and you’re looking for someone like me to help you or your business, just CONTACT ME and lets start the conversation.

Written by Carl Foisy