MMD Guest Post: We Flip Websites

We Flip Websites

Written by Carl Foisy

Over the years we’ve come to the realization that a website for a locally owned business has a 3-5 year lifespan. They can last longer if the website requires little maintenance or is built with a reliable backbone, and sometimes they can last less time if technology changes quickly and websites become hard to use. We’ve dealt with all different situations and issues, and make suggestions based on our experiences.
After redoing websites for the same businesses every 3-5 years, in order to bring them up to speed with current technologies or variables, we coined the phrase ‘Site Flip’ because our goal was not to create a new website with new features, layout, design content, etc…but to ‘flip’ the website onto a newer platform with better tech, while essentially following the same flow and build of the older website in question. The end result would have a similar look, while using the same content and images, but would have a modern feel with improved features and new age usability.
A Site Flip is not always the answer, but when it is, the project typically requires less approval, allowing development to move quicker, and making it overall more affordable. For example, it might take us 20-25 hours to build a brand new X website, where a Site Flip for X website could take us 10-15 hours. We take pride in our curated list of WP website theme providers and developers. Not only do we use secure and reliable infrastructures when building websites, but we also focus on flexibility and ease of use to help us modify efficiently after the site is launched, and put to work. These more reliable themes extend the life of a website and have allowed us to focus on cool modifications rather than emergency fixes or major overhauls.
A few of the best ways to know if you need a Site Flip vs New Website is to identify if the content and images are too outdated and if you aren’t happy with the overall layout of your website. If the answer to these questions is YES (yes the content and images are too outdated and yes you aren’t happy with the layout) then you need a New Website. BUT if the answer was NO, perhaps Site Flip is the key to your happiness. As always, we can help you make the smart decision, and are happy to guide you thru the process. Feel free to reach out and let us know if you need help. We hope you enjoyed the read!