Knock on Wood KOW

The Original: Knock On Wood

Written by Carl Foisy

Years ago it dawned on me that us humans like to ‘knock on wood’ quite a bit. So much so, we say the phrase out-loud and will knock on pretty much anything around us. We knock on things like our flesh covered head, our faux leather dashboards, things that look like wood, and even things that are wooden but covered in varnish or a coating. And let’s be real, very rarely do we get the chance to knock on real unfinished raw wood….so I invented ‘Knock On Wood’ and …problem salved!
The superstitious saying and act of knocking on wood is all based around reversing any unwanted outbound energy that might’ve been projected from saying or thinking something you wish you hadn’t. And when we knock on wood, we settle our souls and can wash away the negative vibes. And now with Knock On Wood as an option, we can do this all with confidence knowing we’ve knocked on real wood.
For years I daydreamed of creating real unfinished all natural raw wood accessories that would fill the void of needing some wood to knock on, when and where you needed it. Realizing that we knock our heads (not wooden), our dashboards (not wooden), things looking like wood (not wooden), and wood that has been covered in non-wooden material, made it clear that there should be something to fill this void. So after earning a few extra bucks to make something happen, and during the extra time we all had during the ‘demic, I created my first Knock On Wood and launched online store.
Now, about a year later, has several items for sale, using all types of different wood. Some reclaimed, some salvaged, some foraged and some exotic, but all real natural unfinished wood. Some Knock On Wood accessories are great to almost anyplace, while I also created a hat versionI call ‘HeadPeace’ and fun versions using natural edge wood. Most pieces of Knock On Wood are hand cut and shaped, and manually branded with a hot branding iron in my garage. I’ve sold about a dozen pieces all over the USA, and some were custom made by request on specific sizes and wood types.
My original and legit Knock On Wood gives you peace of mind with a piece of wood. Real wood you can rely on when you need to knock on wood for reals. Plus, every Knock On Wood is created to be there for you for the rest of your life, when and where you need it. And once you have one, you’ll realize you use it more than you think and will want more.