Social Media Tagging

You Are Where You Are, Because You Are.

When it comes to social media etiquette for businesses, some folks don’t fully understand specific features like Checking-In. Social media platforms don’t really come with ‘how-to’ directions on what to do and what not to do, but if there was an instruction booklet, it would say something like this: ‘Businesses should NOT check-in at their own business.’ They are where they are, because they are that place.

To us, it looks funky. Some people might see fake check-ins as ‘trying too hard,’ or being too needy for attention. When this happens, it’s very much similar to ‘Liking’ your own post. We all know you like your own post. You wrote it and posted it. Duh.

Now, if the business owners or staff want to check in (as a customer might) that’s OK. I recommend that all day. But you’ll never see ‘Marketing by the C is at Marketing by the C’ and you too should know better than to post ‘Your Business is at Your Business.’

Written by Carl Foisy