Stop Drop and Roll Show

Success Story: Stop Drop & Roll Show

Written by Carl Foisy

As an avid listener to local college radio in and around San Jose, the 90.5fm KSJS ‘Ground Zero Radio’ station has been a preset on my car’s radio dial (and more recently a favorite on my mobile browser) for a very long time. Zoomed in closer, a clear favorite radio show on KSJS is the Stop Drop & Roll Show with The Barhemian, a show dedicated to underground, San Jose, local Bay Area, hip-hop, rap and R&B, as well as segments dedicated to classics and brand new music.
After years of tuning in and listing live on the radio or internet, calling the station for song requests or just to give props, and attending live in-person events, meeting with the creator of Stop Drop & Roll Show, The Barhemian happened naturally. And since we believe that goodness manifests and attracts more goodness, the connection made sense.
It’s funny the way ideas work. You can have dedicated brainstorm sessions that yield productive outcomes, or you can randomly be triggered with new ideas or thoughts out of the blue that pour into your mind without trying. Sometime the ideas are pure genius, and other times not so much. I’ve said for a long time ’Theres no such thing as a bad idea. It’s all about how you take action and think it through.’. But ideas that have those good vibrations, that make you feel warm inside, that feed your hunger for accomplishment and growth….those ideas are worth taking action on.
One of my many nicknames is ‘The Great Connector’. It’s a nickname given to me by my wife, and the older I get, the more it makes sense. Why? Because while I might not be able to help everyone do everything, I probably know someone credible who can….and so therefore I connect people.
This Success Story outlines an idea that was dreamed up by Marketing by the C in efforts to connect and help two very cool entities; our longtime friends at Loft Bar & Bistro, and the Stop Drop & Roll Show. I said earlier that it’s funny the way ideas work, and this idea not only had that good warm vibe, but when shared with The Barhemian, he too had that good idea feeling and flow. So as we sat and discussed the idea over burritos in Downtown San Jose, we both knew it was worth spending time and energy on. We could feel it.
The idea soon became a mature concept, was accepted within, bloomed an identity, grew a digital strategy and infrastructure…all to emerge as Stop Drop & Roll Show Live, a free live concert series, happening at the Loft Bar & Bistro, that includes live artist interviews on Loft’s rooftop patio, artist meet and greets, cool locally designed limited edition merch, and live performances by local artists. We also strategically aligned this free concert series with other popular live music events in Downtown San Jose, because when people want music, we want to give them music.
Stop Drop & Roll Show is free and open to the public on the radio and in concert, with an option to purchase concert VIP Packs. The VIP Packs include commemorative limited edition t-shirt, concert poster and VIP seating at the live interview and meet & greet. Since the live interview happens on Loft’s rooftop patio, the meet and greet session is limited to the first 50 guests, while the upstairs concert can have over 200 music lovers.
As the ‘Great Connector’, Marketing by the C is happy to bring an idea to life that helps two greats come together. Helping Loft activate their space as a concert venue for the first time, and helping The Barhemain recognize his show’s growth opportunities with live concerts. It makes sense and feels hella good.