Goal Achieving Conversions MbtC

Goal Achieving Conversions

Written by Carl Foisy

As multi-media and marketing solution specialists, we understand that our work must achieve goals and satisfy the needs and wants of those we work for. And it’s not just achieving goals, we must achieve goals sustainably to conserve resources, and prove our value to those who hire us. Thanks to the plethora of projects we’ve worked on over the decades, we continued to refine our approach and how we apply our crafts and practices. And as we evolve and continue to get more involved in what we do and who we do it for, we continue to be super proud that our services and solutions help locally owned businesses thrive and survive… through achieving goals.
The title of the article is ‘Goal Achieving Conversion’ and yet we haven’t even talked about or addressed Conversions and what it means. After working with hundreds of different projects, for dozens of locally owned companies, we understand that a ‘Conversion’ is different for everyone. Yes, there are some similar and common goals that businesses want to achieve, but it’s easy to say that over 80% of the new media and marketing projects we work on have different requirements and solution dynamics. Some require several conversions per day to achieve their goal, and others are excited for one conversion per month. Some conversions are as simple as a ‘click-thru’ from an email blast, while other conversions come by word-of-mouth and actions in real life. The possibilities can seem quite endless. Nonetheless, conversions are a clear indicator that we are achieving goals, and essentially doing what we’re intended to do.
Marketing by the C helps locally owned San Jose, Silicon Valley, South Bay companies and businesses define what a conversion is for their business, and apply our talents and knowledge to achieve those business goals. We also help achieve goals that come from ideas that business owners and managers create within their own minds (while sticking to best practices of course). We know it’s exciting and super rewarding to achieve goals and that’s why we do it as sustainably as we can. But what’s most important to know is that while we can follow a business owner’s cadence, we will always have the best interests of the company we’re helping as our top priority, and will always suggest (and ideally choose) the most sustainable path to success based on our wisdom and foresight.