Google StreetView & 360 Degree Photos for Business

Google StreetView & 360 Degree Photos for Local Business

Written by Carl Foisy

Ever since we invested in our first 360 degree camera in 2019, it’s been an awesome experience. Watching industry leaders play with them and suggest specific 360 degree and 3D cameras in preparation for the ai world and headset wearing adventures, we’re happy to have purchased our 360 degree and 3D cameras early.
The cameras capture photo and video in 5.7k resolution, and so far we’ve done 360 videos of 1st person electric skateboarding and sailing journeys for fun, along with realtor house tours, venue walk-throughs for businesses, and even music videos for work. A majority of the action our 360 degree cameras see are within locally owned businesses, as we’ve taken and published hundreds of 360 photos onto Google’s StreetView for Business.
Not only do these 360 degree photos get to live on Google Maps, they’re also associated with the photo gallery on Google Business Pages. In every case the 360 degree pics receive instant views (considering there are millions of Google users) and in our instances have yet to stop generating views. Outside of our control of course, we’ve had some 360 degree photos receive thousands of views in a few weeks. But in all cases, all pics have yet to stop receiving views for any pics we’ve posted.
Best thing about this whole thing, it take us roughly 30-minutes to take care of a business. In some cases, our travel time is longer than the time it takes to take and publish these kick-ass 360 degree photos. All in all, we know they contribute goodness to the local businesses we help….and we can help you too, just call 408.250.8066