Success Story: BukuFlex Productions

Written by Carl Foisy

What started as an idea on how to make money using a nice digital mirrorless SLR camera, coupled with some solid video production talents, the creator of BuKuFlex Productions began their journey by publishing their radio show interviews with local hip-hop and rap artists on, and producing cool sizzle reels that help young athletes to get noticed. Since BuKuFlex already had some legs, and was moving in the right direction, when we stepped in it was easy to keep the momentum rolling. Within he first month or so we helped BuKuFlex Productions establish a standard rate, outlined protocols for incoming referrals, leads and current clients, and designed a few off-the-shelf packages for multiple verticals including (but not limited to) young athletes, local artists, nightclubs, private events, real estate, non-profits and more. is also proud to sponsor their original event, where BuKuFlex is not only the guest artist curator, but also the live show’s MC, promoter, videographer, event director, documentary film producer, and more. While BuKuFlex Productions still has plenty of room to grow, Marketing by the C will continue to give consultation, guidance, direction and supply quality ideas to help them succeed organically and sustainably.

BuKuFlex Package for Artists