Welcoming Autumn

Welcoming Autumn & Staying Busy

Written by Carl Foisy

Each time I look at the calendar, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by.

November starts in little more than a week, and before we get wrapped up in the holiday months, I wanted to send a quick hello, thank you, and links to a couple new articles.

Having fun and staying busy thanks to everyone I help. It’s always a good feeling to accomplish tasks large and small, because I know it’s for good folks and cool projects.  🙂

While I almost always have projects working, don’t hesitate to send me anything you may need, as I’m happy to talk about helping you too.

Hope you enjoy these newest articles:

Harvesting Goodness & Fruitful Work
There’s no secret that it takes consistency, passion, pride (among other things) to create success as a locally owned business. Wanted to share my thoughts and highlight a few fruitful jobs I’ve been a part of recently. READ MORE

Doing More For Less Takes Time
This fun article talks about how doing more for less takes time, experience, etc. to do it well. And while doing more for less is achievable, it must also be sustainable and effective without compromising quality. I’m always interested in finding new efficient tools and techniques to adopt in efforts to reduce money and time….In this post I share a few money and time saving tips. READ MORE

Thank You
Working together with stellar business owners around Silicon Valley is indeed a blessing in my world, and I’m proud to work with (and support) each person, company and organization that I do.

Sending you peace and motivation for the next few months!

PS* These articles and newsletter were written by me (Carl)….not a robot 🙂