Harvesting Goodness & Fruitful Work

Harvesting Goodness & Fruitful Work

Written by Carl Foisy

Local businesses work hard to make it. There’s no secret that it takes consistency, passion, pride (among other things) to create success as a locally owned business. And not just from the ownership, also from others who help make the business operate. It’s a team effort. But no matter the job or position, work is always going to be work. But I think we can all agree that work is always better when it’s fruitful.

Most business owners who employ others get an enormous amount of satisfaction knowing they are helping people and families sustain and survive with steady and reliable jobs. This type of giving and sense of fulfillment is heavily overlooked, and should be celebrated more often. Recognizing that the spectrum of fruitful work ranges from this type of work, all the way to events like Barr Hill’s Bees Knees Week, when local bars collaborate for a ‘Save The Bees’ initiative by slangin’ tasty Honey Cocktails. It’s all fruitful.

While running a small business can be tough, once you’ve figured out how to to fruitful work like provide jobs or give back to the community in meaningful ways, consider yourself successful in harvesting goodness. Marketing by the C has been helping cool South Bay businesses with many fruitful events….including but not limited to The Vesper’s Women’s Earth Alliance promo, Downtown Yoga Shala’s Equinox Celebration, Lamella Tavern’s Negroni Week, Stop Drop & Roll Show’s support the artist events, The Table’s Bees Knees Week ….and being a big fan of bees and what they do for our Earth (and selfishly for the honey in my morning coffee) the work is very fulfilling each time.

If you’re in the South Bay and have a fruitful idea that you want to bring to life, feel free to reach out to 408.250.8066 and see if we can help.