Marketing is a Luxury

Marketing is a Luxury

Written by Carl Foisy

Marketing, while important to some, is not a necessity for businesses. Marketing, which can be done in small and large amounts, should not be handled lightly. Marketing, when executed properly, can provide fruitful results and useful information that benefits business owners. Organic marketing is by far the strongest and most sustainable type of marketing. And marketing, not to be confused with advertising, is indeed a luxury, and should be treated as such.

As there may be lots to ‘unpack’ in the opening paragraph, with decades of experience working with all different types of companies, it’s clear to us that marketing is a luxury item for businesses. Why? Because it’s not cheap and should be handled with care.

Yes, it’s true that businesses have access to community listings and media tools which can be used for free. But we also know that time is money, and so while some apps may be free to use, the human working hours it takes to engage, update or manage those free platforms cost money. And when the time spent on marketing efforts isn’t handled with care, it can cost a business double. How? Between missed opportunities, possible negative impacts, time lost, and efforts needed to undo the wrong, all play a role and can take significantly more time to clean up. More time, more money, it’s as simple as that.

Beyond the human hours required for marketing, and beyond the best practices for organic engagement,  when we focus on marketing, we focus on intent and goals, for both the companies we help and the people they are attracting. We say that marketing should be handled with care because when a business steps out and promotes, it must be done efficiently with good techniques to be most effective. Businesses should not just set-it-and-forget-it, or rely on underqualified people to manage their company’s reputation. Running a marketing plan in this way is a big waste of time.

When companies find us, it typically means they are either at a point where they want to improve their marketing, or they want to start something new. When companies hire us, they are in good hands, as our methods and techniques are transparent, tried, and true. Our marketing services help locally owned businesses advance to new levels and achieve better marketing clarity. We care about each company that hires us and have helped several business owners overcome a wide variety of hurdles, all to achieve worthy marketing goals.

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